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Family Room

Like most families we have a main room, where the TV is, and a nice comfie couch. This is the place to plop down, watch a show or snuggle under a warm blanket on a cold night etc. And it is not short on Junk.

The TV sits on a vintage Mid Century Side-Board with one of my favorite finds, genuine foundry gear molds behind on the wall. The side-board, works great as a media storage space and was painted this wonderful blue/green teal color when I got it. I think the globe ties the side-board color and the wall color together nicely.
Opposite the TV is the couch and sitting area. This is a large wall space to cover, and I've had several different thing above the couch over the years. Currently I have two framed vintage maps here, and it works nicely in my attempt to declutter and clean up my spaces.

The other half of this long rectangle room is for my husbands vintage organ and harpsichord.

In a "if you can't beat em join em" move, I use more vintage music related items to decorate around his collection. Vintage organ pipes and auto-harps continue with the music theme in this area

One of the reasons I like Junk as decoration is that it can be very inexpensive. I like to change things up often, and junk allows me to do this without breaking the bank. Think about framed art. You know how much it costs to get a print, matted and framed, it's outrageous. Well junk frames up much cheaper. I hope you enjoyed my family room. It is one of my favorite rooms in the house. As you can see, Junk can be used in with traditional and retro decor as well. It's not just for shabby chic or cottage.

Junky Guest Room

It is my Junked up guest room. When my oldest son moved out, I wasted no time turning his room into my dream junk guest room. The room has 2 windows and I covered each one with a topper using an old burlap coffee bag, cut in half, and hung by old hinges, That big thing between the windows is 1/4 of a windmill I purchased in April The cabinet below is really cool when you open the doors, it is full of little cubbies. I added the feet. I found the rocker at a Garage Sale for $5. The metal candlelier was an item I traded another dealer for. It's a fun piece. And an old shopping cart as a hamper. Wooden gears and a valve handle accessorize the top of the cabinet.

As with all things junky and decorating related, my tastes changed quickly. In 2013 I updated this room, with some retro color.

You can see more of my junk by clicking here and viewing the gallery page

Creative Space

The wonderful chippy shelf on the wall was only $1 at a garage sale
Clear jars store my tidbits and treasures for creating jewelry etc.

This retro sewing table was another Garage sale find as was the fabulous Texas map.

Family Pictures

This is my brag wall where I have many family pictures. I've made 2 shelves out of old ceiling crown molding to add dimension to the display.

Master Bedroom

Under construction

Guest Bathroom

A collage of Vintage frames make a creative towel bar, in this bathroom remodel.
You can view a tutorial of this project here

Cottage Corner

Although my house is not decorated cottage, I do like the look. I decided to take a dormer area in the upstairs hallway and make it my" cottage corner". On the wall I hung an old window turned into a display shelf
The table is a $4 garage sale find. I painted it and then inserted a piece of old ceiling tin into it. On the window I've hung an old stained glass window.
That is my little Cottage Corner

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