Our Home in Tyler
Our Dream Home in the Piney Woods of East Texas

In 2003 We purchased our Dream Home, nestled among 5 acres in the Piney Woods of East Texas.
At that time we began, what is a continuing journey, though major home remodeling. We've enjoyed it through thick and thin and are happy with the results.
We invite you to come inside and view our progress.
Thanks for visiting.

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Outdoor Spaces

An unused area on the side of our house was turned into an outdoor sanctuary June 2010

Indoor Spaces

Family Room

I love using frames to highlight found objects, and turn them into wall art.

My husband has a collection of various vintage musical instruments. In a "if you can't beat em join em" move, I use more vintage music related items to decorate around his collection. Vintage organ pipes and autoharps continue with the music theme in this area


Master Bath

Spare Room

Guest Room

Master Bedroom

Office-this room intended to be a formal dining room. But I use it as an office


Major Construction

Gym & Upstairs Deck

This is the Ceiling-Wow!!!

Framing October 2003, Sheetrock March 2004, Ceiling Trim August 2004,

Ceiling Trim August 2004,

More office here

Before this was the Garage entrance

Roger removed the garage doors, and enclosed it to become his office

old garage completely enclosed



The old garage was completely enclosed and trimmed out to look like the rest of the house.
in August 2004 we poured a concrete walkway between the new driveway and the new side entrance.