Wreath made from Old China This project could be easily adapted for the holidays.

Please read all the way to the bottom. I have added a new way to do the wreath with a wooden form. This new way is easier if you have the ability to cut the form. If not, the store purchased wreath frame method below will work fine. The wooden form instructions are near the bottom.

Instructions for how to make these wreaths and swags is my most frequently asked question. I am happy to provide this how-to for you. good luck with your project.

Method #1, using a store bought wreath frame

First get a wreath form from the craft store in the Floral department, and some wire Screen cloth

An optional (and easier) method for the wreath base is illustrated below the swag instructions at the end.

Wrap the screen cloth around the wreath form and secure with floral wire
Be careful, wear gloves, the wire mesh likes to poke and cut.

Then decide how you want to lay out your china pieces.

Apply a generous amount of Liquid Nails Glue, over both the dish and the wire.

You will want to apply glue to the wire mesh, on the area you will be attaching the dish.

Then position the dish in place and press.

After positioning all the dishes let wreath dry for 24 hrs. This is very important, for this project to turn out right, the glue must set up and dry completely. Once dry, the Liquid Nails is very strong and your wreath will be sturdy.

After the glue is dried and the plates are secure, you can glue additional plates from the top to the plates that are already secure. For pieces that will be plate on plate, I used "Goop" Glue (household formula) and placed papertowels under the cups to keep them in place (in the desired position) until the glue is set up.

Add pearls, beads or whatever you want. If you want you can add ribbon or fabric to the back side to hide some of the "uglies" as I call it. By this time, it should be strong and secure and will hang easily on the wall from a nail or hook.

Method #2, Masonite circle or arch

I now offer kits with a pre-cut circle or arch, and various lifts for you to use. Wreath Kit $12.00, Swag Kit $11.00


To do this yourself,

You will need to cut a circle or arch out of Masonite. For this you will need a Jig Saw.

You will also need various "lifts" cut from scrap wood.

Lifts need to be glued and then nailed in place. Glue alone may eventually fail, Make sure if you stack your lifts that the nails or screws go throu all layers.

Using the same glues mentioned above, glue the dishes directly to the masonite and lifts as shown. Be sure to allow a full 24 hrs drying time, or more if necessary. I find this a bit easier, as you do not need to mess with the wire mesh.

Add A Hanger

To make hangers, simply drill holes in the masonite, and thread strong wire securely through the holes making a loop for hanging. On Swags I usually use 2 hangers, one on each side of the main center plate.

You can add your prisms, pearls etc by drilling small holes in the masonite, stringing wire through the holes, and then hanging the prisms.
To hide the backing, use ribbon, fabric or lace.

Below is the front and back of a wreath made with this technique. I've covered the wood backing with some fabric.

Please email me if you have any questions, and I'd love to see your finished project.


I'd like to say a quick word about safety. Please use common sense when doing any of these projects. Use Caution with saws and other tools. Remember to wear gloves and eye protection. We want you to enjoy years of junking and crafting, so please play it safe.