Projects with China and Dishes

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Just because a china plate has a chip or a crack doesn't mean it must be given the status of unuseful or unbeautiful. Just take a look at these projects made with "less than perfect" china.

Instructions for Wreaths and Swags Here


I Call these China Swags. They can be hung above a window, door, picture, mirror or all by themselves.

This project was submitted by a reader, Cindy. She made this fountain out of old china for her Garden.
China Cup Organizer

You'll need to have access to a Tile Wet Saw for this project. Other than that, it uses materials you'll be familiar with. This is a multi step project, on the medium to hard end of the scale. Only because it requires you to use the wet saw, and to cut a piece of wood. If you can conquer those two things, then you can create your own wonderful China Cup Organizer. See the instructions above for the Wreaths and Swags, to see what glue I use.


Jewelry made from Broken China Pieces

Pendant made from 2 broken cup handles

Wall Pockets

These are wall pockets made from 1/2 cups and 1/2 plates. I use them for business cards in my booth. They could also hold flowers etc.


The back plate in this little collage, has a huge chip out of it. By hanging another plate in front of it with a cup dangling from a sweet ribbon. I've hidden the flaw and made it something I can display again.

Take a look at this beautiful plate Collage that Linda did above an arch window in her beautiful home.

And she made this beautiful Teacup Chandie for her "girlie" office

I used little china chips to make the Stained Glass for this birdhouse

I saw this plate project at a local antique shop
Linda from Linda's Blue Gate does some amazing things with China Mosiac.

Linda makes the conservatories out of old windows. Then she mosiacs onto the front of the doors

Too Cute

How Sweet

Linda will Mosiac just about anything that doesn't move. Isn't this chair just beautiful.

This is an old clock turned upside-down and made into a shelf

Isn't this piece beautiful

Tina56 from The HGTV General Decorating Board. She has hung a variety of teacups from her Kitchen Chandie, for a great cottage look
If you don't have little hooks on your fixture, you could use ribbon to tie the teacups from the light.

One of my reader's, Pam, sent this mosiac project in

What a beautiful violin, Thanks Pam.

Lila R sent in her Mosaic Mandolin: Thought you may like my mandolin. I do mosaics and shard art.