The Thrifted and Re-purposed Wedding


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On this page, I'll be sharing some of the wedding ideas from wedding's I've helped with, as well as some that my Son has photographed, that have a creative use of re-purposed items. Look for more ideas to continue flowing to this page, as I'm asked to help with more and more weddings. All my friend's kids are getting married these days. :)

First my own Son's wedding April 2012

I have no daughters so I was especially excited when my new DIL, Kalynne, asked if I'd help with the wedding decorations. Of course I said yes. She had lots of ideas and did lots of pinning on pinterest. My job was mainly to find the goods, and help HER visions come to life, and I threw in a couple of ideas as well, all subject to her approval. I love the motto of my good friend and florist, Alison..."we work for the girl in the white dress".
First and foremost, Stone Oak Ranch in Murchison Texas, is a fabulous venue. With this as a backdrop we could not go wrong with the decor. This table above was their property, we added the window with pictures of the bride and groom, and the coke bottle crate with vintage bottles. A large galvanized tub was filled with ice water bottles, which was a nice touch for the comfort of the guests. The sign in book rounds out the sign in table decor.
Simple benches are provided for seating and vintage galvanized buckets filled with babies breath are all the decorations needed for this area. Tip: Make sure your buckets hold water :) Several of mine had holes in the bottom...oops
And they stood under this fabulous tree festooned with vintage chandeliers to take their vows (all provided by Stone Oak)
It was beautiful Reception As everyone headed inside the barn for the reception, this seating chart (made by the bride) helped us know where to sit. The cake toppers belong to the parents of the bride and groom. The frame is a wooden one I picked up awhile back.It was spray painted a champagne color. Kalynne used burlap for the background, some simple jute held the cards.
On the back wall is a beautiful area, the frame, mantle and chandelier belong to the venue.
I added a hodge podge of vintage items, bringing in the vintage soda bottles again to decorate this mantle area. I did not know this area existed till decoration day.
But I had boxes of props in my car. It seems that in both weddings I've done, I have had a "surprise" area. It helps to bring extra stuff just in case. I usually end up liking these areas the best, go figure.
One of my favorite items was this "My Gal Tomatoes" Crate label. So cute.
All flowers by The Flower Girl of Tyler
This balcony is above the mantle area. The bride purchased the bunting online. It was made from burlap flags and says "eat drink and be married".
Cake Table
The wall behind the cake table was the Bride's idea and she and her mother spent hours making these pinwheels.
It turned out beautiful and made a great backdrop for the photos. See the cake table decorations? Those are vintage frames, the "platter" was a improvisation because we could not find a cake stand the right size. Made by placing vintage lace behind the glass and then a piece of plum fabric behind that. I sat it on books to give it strength, the cake weighs a lot. The brides maids placed their bouquets around the cake table after the ceremony. It turned out perfect. And What a pretty topper Kalynne chose
Centerpieces My son has an extensive vintage camera collection. It was decided to use these in all the centerpieces. We added in vintage soda bottles and some oil lamps as well as old books and candles to round it out. The bride made the table numbers.
Oh did I mention that he is a wedding photographer as well. One of the first questions he was asked when he announced his engagement is "who will be your photographer". He knew immediately who he wanted, and I hope to share some of her photos with you soon.We also I reserved this special bottle for the sweetheart table which is directly under that balcony in front of the mantle. It says "Squeeze" with a boy and girl arm in arm on the label. The book has a young man behind a field camera (another photographer reference) and is titled "making his way". There was also a bunting across the front that says Mr & Mrs. Entertainment
My son wanted a cigar bar for the guys. The chalk board is a vintage camera film pack painted with chalk board paint. The matches are all vintage, even the easel is vintage. This area was a huge hit with the guys.
Water and Iced tea with chalk board labels for Sweet and unsweet. The chalkboard labels were easy to make. We simply cut some Masonite the desired size. Drilled 2 holes in each corner and painted with chalk board spraypaint. Added jute rope and that was it
Plenty of sodas on ice in a vintage wash tub provided by Stone Oak. Kalynne's idea for favors was a popcorn bar complete with flavors, sweets and nuts, and bags to take it all home in.
Well there you have it. Months of planning, culminated in a most beautiful occasion enjoyed by all.

 My Friend Alison of The Flower Girl, Tyler Texas Florist,  was helping with a couples shower recently and invited me along to see her fabulous concept.  I was intrigued when I heard some of her ideas.  The Theme was a "bicycle built for 2".  A great theme for a couples shower.
 I knew she was going to do something with bicycle wheels, but I was  blown away by the table scape.
 My pictures do not do it justice
 The runner was so artistically drawn by her very talented artist Daughter
The playing cards were "bicycle" brand of course.
 Very cute advise cards, with a play on words.

And outside she even had
 A bicycle built for 2 ready for a picnic
 A few vintage items for serving rounded out the perfect decor.

 I just had to share this fabulous Shower idea with all of you, Hope you enjoyed it.

This theme could be adapted to any sort of party and would be so fun to do outside.

Karaki Wedding April 2011

The centerpiece of the church backdrop was this wonderful old garden arch borrowed from a friend. Hanging from the center of the arch is a fabulous shabby old chandelier. The electrical is long gone on this chandelier, but it held these small candles perfectly.

to add interest to the arch, floating vases were displayed on each side, inside ornate wooden frames thrifted from various garage sales.

In the Entry Foyer was the traditional register, and a polite note to "please sign it" tucked into an old typewriter. We used lots of ornate frames painted black with spray paint, throughout all the decorations.

An old suitcase was the perfect place for a cash gathering vignette. Vintage sign letters spell out LOVE and lots and lots of flowers filling all the blank spaces. I used old books as lifts holding 2 containers for cash. The vintage chalk board lets everyone know what this display is for... "honeymoon fund".

On the opposite end of the honeymoon fund display, was this display. An old chippy plant riser holds glass containers filled with the bubble viles. The letterpress letters spell out, Gifts, Cards, XOXOXO and Love. The area between the suitcase and the bubbles would eventually be overflowing with gifts and cards.

On each of the round tables I used 4 sheets of 12" craft paper. placed like a * on top of the table cloths. Then I placed crayons on each table. Adults and Children alike enjoyed drawing pictures and writing messages to the newlyweds, which were saved and given to them when they returned from their honeymoon.

This cake display was absolutely fabulous and I had nothing to do with it. I love this idea so much and encourage you to make it your own. The cakes were delicious as well as beautiful!!!!

This is one of my favorite weddings that Allen has shot. The venue is in a barn. The bride spent months collecting all the special items she wanted to make this reception and wedding absolutely beautiful. She had a "bird" theme and I am amazed at what she accomplished. Enjoy


I'd like to say a quick word about safety. Please use common sense when doing any of these projects. Use Caution with saws and power tools. Remember to wear gloves and eye protection. We want you to enjoy years of junking and crafting, so please play it safe.