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Sometimes you might just need a "Project Fix". Well you are in the right place. These are all quick projects to get you thorough those times when you have more creativity than time. And you don't want to drag out the tool box.

Old coin purses make great business card holders

Burlap Covered Inspiration Board-By Margo

Inspired by a bulletin board I saw in either Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs and one that was in an article in Flea Market Style Magazine, I decided to give an old cork board of mine a makeover. The cork on this board was messed up, because I had glued stuff to it and then removed it (along with some of the cork). So I covered it in burlap and made my very own inspiration board.

I added dimension by attaching 2 old towel bars to it. Now I can hang various trinkets as well as pin up clippings and ideas.

it's the perfect thing for my workroom

Memories and Ideas, I'm loving it.

Fun Kitchen Valance by Carole

Thank you Carole for sharing this fun window topper idea, She writes: "I had a lot of extra rolling pins and mashers not being used so I decided to use them as a window treatment in my kitchen. I just used the mug hooks and eye screws to attach it on a board."

Flower Frog Candle Holder-by Margo

For this I simply added slim candles to an old glass flower frog. I wouldn't light them though without something fireproof to catch the drips.

Metal Basket Cloche-by Margo

I purchased this metal basket thing at a flea market. The seller said it was an egg basket, but I think it was part of a horse muzzle.

I attached an old door knob to the top and had an instant cloche.

Catching some Sun by Margo

For this fun and easy sun catcher. I simply took an old door plate, and added crystals to it. To attach the crystals, simply threaded and twisted wire in the holes that already existed and made loops to hook the crystals. This is a fun easy project while we wait for spring.

Candle Holder by Laurie

This is a project I saw at the Junk Bonanza.

Laurie simply took some old gutter guards, bent down the wires, added a spindle stand and made a fun candle holder for outside.

What qualifies as a quick project?

First, this is where the Quick projects of the week go when they are no longer featured on the cover page.

Second, I try to make them very easy with minimal use of tools. Hot Glue or Spray Paint may sometimes be required.

Mail Bag Pillow/cushion by Margo

If you are ever lucky enough to find US mail canvas bags in good condition at a reasonable price, be sure to scoop them up. I was lucky enough yesterday to get 2 of these wonderful bags.

I knew immediately I wanted to turn them into pillows/ or cushions.
First I washed them, I think one still needs a good soak in Vintage Textile Soak.
I wanted to do these cushions/pillows without cutting the bags up or destroying them in any way. So I took the smaller one, stuffed it with 2 standard pillows. Tied the end grommets with jute. Kept the original industrial lacing mechanism in tact, and that is it. I now have a unique pillow for the guest room. I think the other will be for my swing outside.

And when I'm tired of them, I can sell them in their original condition.
Necklace organizer by Margo

To add or remove necklaces, simply open the loops and then close them back again

I'm always looking for fun ways to organize my jewelry. I had these great old clip boards and didn't know exactly what to do with them. Then this idea hit me one day and is so easy. The hardest part is finding the clip boards. I often have some for sale in my Etsy Shop, Link Above.

Ledge-by Margo

This is an old outdoor light fixture. I turned it upside-down and mounted it to a tree in my "junk yard". It could be a bird feeder, hold a plant, or as I'm using it here, to hold this sun dial (in the shade). Duhh! sun dials don't work in the shade, Margo!!! It could also be used indoors, mounted to a stud and used for anything from a catch all just inside the door, to a small side table ledge, next to a bed.

Escutcheon Necklace-by Margo

This necklace was so easy, and I just had to share it with you. All you need is a piece of cord, and escutcheon plate, an old key, a latch and a couple of jump rings.

First fold the cord in half and add a bead, any bead will do, it will not be visible. You could even just tie a knot.

Then thread the cord through the lower hole on the escutcheon, the bead will keep the cord from pulling through. Ignore the key and jump rings you see here, you will add those later.

Then bring each side of the cord around the front, and then to the back behind the escutcheon

Bring the cord ends together again and thread through the top hole in the escutcheon plate to the front. As seen here from the back side.

using the jump rings, attach a key or any other item you want to dangle from below. Add a clasp of some sort and you are done. I just love this easy easy and unique necklace. It's great with jeans, and I love my jeans.

Hope you enjoy this easy project. I'm going to try to offer more projects in the future.
If you found these instructions easy to follow, that is just a sample of what my tutorials are like. Most tutorials are a bit more detailed, with lots of pictures, and techniques.

For this project, I simply took an old door handle with character. Screwed it to an old piece of trim board, and hung it on the wall.

Note: To seal out possible lead paint, I sprayed wood with a clear varnish first.
Look on the right of the mirror for a bonus project. That is an old toothbrush holder, turned into a candle holder. Also attached to a similar piece of old trim wood.

Decopage Makeover

I found this styrofoam body form display recently at a junk shop.

It was not much to look at, but I knew exactly what I would do with her to dress her up.
I simply decopaged old pattern paper all over her and there you have it.

A great place to display necklaces

Chair Springs Momento Display - by Margo

A friend gave me these springs from an old chair and said "I know you can do something creative with these". Well the challenge was on. After seeing a similar project on another blog, I simply framed them, and then clipped and slipped in photos, ephemera, and other momentos for an ever changing display.

Rubber Stamp holder, bud vase, note holder-by Margo

I simpy took old spice bottles and snapped them into an old metal rubber stamp holder. For some of them I added some water and slipped in a daisy. For others, I put in those music clips for marching bands, You could tuck in some cute flash cards, Photo's or notes

Fun with Frames-by Margo

If you know me, you know that one of the things I always look for at garage sales is old wooden frames. I look for certain shapes, sizes and of course a great price. I'm always finding things to do with them and this is just one example. I had picked up this old glass-less windows and then I found the hooks with numbers on them. I attached the hooks, put a glass knob on the window frame and various small frames inside. It was a quick and easy project and I've received several compliments on it. So keep an eye out for those old frames.

Sap Bucket Wall Pocket, by Margo

For this project, All I did was screw an old metal sap bucket to a framed piece of bead board. You could add flowers or whatever you want to this unique dimentional wall piece.

Spring Lights, by Margo

For this project, simply take some old cone shaped bed springs, wire them to the sides of a bucket or planter. Slip in a glass votive holder and a candle and you can light up your patio in a flash.

Old Bed Spring Candle Holder-by Margo:

I found these unusually shaped springs in this bed that I took apart. They just screamed to be made into candle holders.

I added a washer in between the tight spring area in the center, and a little glue to keep it in place, and the candle just sits on it.

Springs in Spring

Dimentional Wall Art/Pocket-By Margo

You all know I love to frame things and make unusual dimentional wall art. I found this metal ring at the Goodwill and knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had an old metal funnel that was just the right size. After simply screwing the metal ring onto the wood backing that I'd framed and painted out. I simply sat the funnel inside. Add a paper flower (or whatever you'd like). If you don't have a ring like I found, old Bed Springs would work too.

Old Lamps

I've recently been inspired to use old lamps as display pieces for unusual items.

For this one, instead of placing a candle in the center, I place 3 dried roses. Plants don't do well on my porch so I tend to substitute junk objects instead of plants. You can't kill junk. Think outside the box as to what you could put inside an old lantern.

Here's one I did at Christmas

What about using an old santa instead of an angel, or even an old bottle brush tree.

Frame it up-by Margo

This is a fun way to display a collection, simply "frame it up"
To hang items like this, I simply glued a loop of wire or string to the back side. Allowed the glue to dry and hung them by a nail. I use a small piece of "sticky tack" (used for hanging posters) to keep everything strait.

Shine a little light on the light-by Margo

Now this project takes a 20th century invention, backwards in time. I've taken this old electric light fixture, and turned it into a candle holder. I simply flipped it upside down. Glued a little rope around the edges of the socket to hold the candle in snug, and then inserted 2 candles. Easy as screwing in a light bulb.

Flower Frogs as Pencil Holders-by Margo

I just loved the shape of these old flower frogs, and they are perfect to hold pens and pencils, with style.

Desk organizer-by Margo

This is a real simple project. I just took an old dish rack and re-purposed it into a desk organizer. Bills, papers and files fit nicely where plates once rested. And Pens and Pencils have taken the place of flatware.

Bulletin Board from Corks - by Margo

for this project, I placed the corks end up, instead of horizonal. You could also do this by laying them all horizonal, which is the way it is usually done. I used wood glue to glue the corks in place, allowed it to dry. I use it as a unique bulletin board in my office.

Photo display Idea-by Margo

Ok, I know I do lots of photo displays but I really like displaying my pictures, in unconventional ways. I found these great clips, I think they have something to do with kerosene lamps. I simply clipped the photo in and there you have it.

They also work great to display light weight objects, like ornaments.

Various sorters-by Margo

This is some sort of store display, probably for cards. It would be a great photo display, or note place for each member of the family. What about receipts, tickets, reminders etc. If you don't have one of these, how about cistern buckets, or grain scoops?

Old Locker Baskets are a "must-have" for any junker. They have so many uses around the house. I liked this idea for using them in an office. Simply hang them on the wall, for files and papers. Easy to get to, easy to see, off the desk.

Note holder by Sonja

This ia a easy to do project. I painted a metal lid, poked a hole in the top so the fork can slide through it. Put little berries inside (or what ever you desire). I use this to leave notes for my kids, hold recipe cards, or photos. Enjoy!

Junky Business Card Holder-By Margo

For this project, all I did was to screw some old drawer and door hardware onto an old piece of wood. Makes a great business card holder.

Carriage Wheel Cameo by Margo

This was a pretty simple project. I took an old tricycle wheel, or carriage wheel. Glued an old cameo the the center and a doily folded in half underneath. Pretty ribbon finishes it off. You can dress up an old wheel with many different objects. This is just one idea. Have fun.

Scary hand by Stacey

Stacey has used one of the glove forms in her scary Halloween display. What a fun display, thanks Stacey for sharing.
Stacey's Blog here

Suspended Bud Vase by Margo

This is a really easy project. First find an old photo frame that is on a stand. That will be the hardest part. Wrap wire around an old bottle, then extend the wire on both sides and wrap around the sides of the frame several times. Then use a pencil and curl the wire. Add pearls, or buttons to the bottle and your favorite flower. That's it. It's really hard to photograph and looks a lot better in person.

Screen Display board by Margo

I purchased this screen at the last Red Shed Sale. Valorie (Red Shed Girl) suggested this ribbon project to me. I simply took some ribbon, looped it through this unusual screen, stapled it at the back, and hung photo's and post cards from it. I also added a couple of shelves, but that is not necessary for this project. Thanks Val for the great idea.

Sign it-by Margo

For this "mail" sign, I simply took a metal garden marker that I had. Spray painted it with chalk board paint, and now I have a little sign I can tuck just about anywhere. Great for notes to kids, or as I've used it here to mark this basket as the place for the Mail.

Another Photo Holder by Margo

For this project, I just added a clamp to an old T-square I picked up at a garage sale. This would be great for photo's, post cards, notes etc.

Place Card Holder, Note or Photo Holder by Margo

I got these old white insulators, and I knew what I wanted to make but was unsure of what product to use to acheive it. I asked a friend, and she told me about this wonderful stuff. It is found in the Plumbers Putty section of the hardware store.
Note: This is not an advertisement, I just like this stuff, It has lots of potential for T2T projects.

When you pull it out it looks like this

Cut or tear off as much as you think you need, and begin to roll it and knead it in your hands, until it is uniform in color, and gray. Then fill the larger hole at the bottom of the insulator. Use a knife to scrape off any excess so that it is flat. When it dries it will be as hard as a rock and it will be too late to do it then.

Then I made a very small snake out of more putty and placed it in the smaller end of the insulator, squeezing it down until I felt I had enough in there. Now I'm going to back up. Before you start doing any of this with the putty, you'll need to make your wire holders. I used heavy guage wire and wrapped it around a candle a couple of times. Then I made a strait portion to place inside the hole in the insulator.

Now back to playing with putty. Place the wire into the putty, it was thick enough for me that It stayed put while the putty hardened.

Let it set up for just a short while and you are done. Now you can use these as Place Card holders, Note holders or Photo holders.

Quick and easy as 1,2,3

Bottled up by Margo

I love apothocary jars, there are so many things you can do with them. I picked this up recently at an estate sale. It said "candy jar". But am I ever going to use something in the way it was intended? No of course not.

I put some white and cream buttons in the bottom, and placed some alphabet cards inside. The A is for my last name.

Quick and easy!!!!

Gimme a Hand by Margo

I know what you are thinking, what the heck is it. Well I took an old glove stretcher made of wire and I sandwiched it between 2 pieces of trim, and glued it together in a clamp overnight. That was about it.
What can you do with it, well here are a few ideas anyway. I really like this whimsical project.

the hardest part was to make the 2 pices of wood fit together evenly. I had to use a drill to make channels for the wire.

This group of projects was done by Stacy. Some fun ways to use an old scale. Thank you Stacy for the great projects.

This project was posted by Joy on her blog and she has graciously allowed me to use it as this week's Quick Project.

Isn't this a "grate" way to display photographs, Thanks Joy for such a "Grate" idea.

Tiptoe through the....mushrooms?????

Fellow Blogger Stacey shares this great project.

Stacey's Blog here

She writes "The first time I saw these pastel shoe-stretchers, I immediately thought "mushrooms"! Step 1: First things first, you'll need to use your handy-dandy bolt cutter (if you don't have one, I HIGHLY recommend that you get one--I've used mine lots!) to cut the little "ball" on the end off. I had to squeeze hard and wiggle the metal till it snapped apart. Step 2: Get a paint pen (or colorful selection--though I found I preferred the white best), and draw on your little polka-dots! Step 3: Place cute "Mushrooms" around your plants. "

Dress up a candle

This is a super easy project.

I took a regular pillar candle, Wrapped decorative paper around it, then a ribbon, then I added a piece of vintage jewelry. This is an easy dress up for a plain candle. Please remove the paper before burning :)

Dress up an old planter

For this project you'll need an old terra cotta planter, or you could even use plastic. Some decorative tissue paper,and Some Mod Podge or other decopage medium.

First clean the pot, then decopage some plain paper to the outside. I used that paper that stores wrap breakables in. Cut it in small pieces and decopage a piece at a time, because the pot is tapered. If you have to bend or crease the paper that is fine.

After the pot is wrapped in the plain paper, then using the same technique, decopage your decorative tissue paper to it.

Let it dry and you've got a great new decorative pot. I would not put these in the weather however. And with the terra cotta, I would probably put the plant inside a plastic pot inside the terra cotta. Decopage is not waterproof. For an added touch, you could wipe on some stain, to give it an aged look. Note the pot on the right was store bought, and the one on the left is the one I did.

Take an old music book or hymnal, run some pages through a paper shredder and you've got great confetti. Use it inside glass bottles, as bird nests, in plants etc.

Old Window makes a great centerpiece

This old window is a great part of this centerpiece. This project was seen at Ye Old City Antique mall, Tyler Texas.

Just hanging around

I love these old (or new) Person forms for Artists. I picked up this one at a Garage Sale, I like the way he looks just hanging out on my bookshelf.

Got Junk?

The smaller junk trinkets dress up old bottles beautifully. And who wants naked bottles?

Test Tube, Stamp Holder bud vases

Simply find an old rubber stamp holder, and insert test tubes, fill with water and flowers and that is it. I'm also going to fill this one with little flags for the July 4th.

This project is nothing new to those of you in the "know", but I thought that someone out there might have never seen it before. The difference here is that I've got mine tilted at an angle. To acheive this I simply hot-glude the test tubes to the base before filling with water. As you know Hot-glue is not permanent and this is easily un-done if you wish. You could let the test tubes hang naturally as Joy has done in the picture below.

Stamp out a table

I had these 2 side tables that I had rescued, repaired, and painted, but I wanted to do something a little different. I saw a project on a blog that inspired me to do this. I took old letter press letters that I had and a regular craft stamp pad and stamped out this design on each one. You could use any stamps you want, this is just what I had. After the ink has dried, use a spray on laquer to protect it. Do not use the brush on kind, as this may smear the ink. I'm not quite finished with these 2 tables yet, I'm still trying to stabilize the legs, as you can see in the picture.

Common Objects

You've heard of Uncommon Objects, but I want to take a moment to talk about Common Objects. Those things found in every home, that can used in new and creative ways, to cheaply decorate and accessorize your space. I see a lot of this in the blog world, and you bloggers out there continue to inspire me with your arrangements. Here are a couple of examples... You've seen cloches, and conservatories with plants in them, but what about clocks????

This idea hit me one morning while I was getting ready for work. The clock faces were in an old gym wire basket, so I just moved them to this little conservatory I had removed from my booth. Then what to put in that gym basket???

Frames of course. Wooden frames are a favorite of mine to pick up at Garage Sales. These were in a box waiting for DH to give me his old ancestor photos for framing. Until that happens, they will reside here.

Here is a glass jar filled with old finials waiting for future projects

That is just 3 examples of taking common objects and turning them into something beautiful, fun and different for your home.

Cake Plate

I had the base to a glass cake plate that had been broken. I finished breaking off the glass plate part, and then I attached an Old china dinnerplate to the top. There are many ways to do this, but I needed a transition piece, because the pedistal of the glass cake plate did not break off cleanly. I used a scrap piece of wood, drilled a hole, inserted the broken end of the pedistal into the hole and then glued the heck out of everything. This project could also be done with old wooden candlesticks that you find at garage sales.

Hymnal Wreath

This project was inspired by something I saw on someone's blog. I took a wreath form that you can get at any craft store. Made a lot of cone shapes from an old hymnal, and hot glued them to the form. Adding, staggering, and arranging until I was happy. This is a great project to work on in front of the TV in the evening.

Luggage divider, becomes memory board

I have lots of luggage parts around, and after removing pockets for a luggage pocket project, I found I had this lonely divider. When I looked at it it just screamed "memory board". I took some trim that I had picked up at a garage sale. I attached it by both sewing and gluing. Once the trim was attached it created a small pocket for tucking and clipping inspirations, cards, pictures etc. I hung it by a ribbon, through the grommet holes that were already there, and that was it.

Quick Photo Clip

Use old clip-on earrings to clip photos to a display board. The earrings could also be glued to anything, like a screen, or old piece of wood etc, to make a place to clip photos, clippings, cards or whatever else.
Much prettier than a clothespin, or a thumb tack.

Use old hinges for all sorts of projects. Here I've added old hinges to a couple of frames and a "shoe stretcher wall hook" project, to add a little something extra.

The one attached to the shoe stretcher is attached directly to the back and can be used to hang the item. The ones attached to my Earring Display frames, are simply attached to the wall and then the frames are hung to seem as if they are hung by the hinge.

The Quick Project this week is from Syd

Syd hung this old red dust pan from the wall, and uses it to display cards in her booth at Ye Old City Antique Mall.

So now all you've got to do is find a cute old dust pan like this and you've got yourself an instant wall pocket.

First I have these great spring flowers made from faucet handles, this project has been a big hit on the message boards. Since I've posted it over there already, I thought I'd give you a bonus quick project

I had this small old piece of luggage. I removed the lining and pockets for other projects, and decided to decopage this decorative tissue paper to the outside to dress it up. I think it looks much better than it did before.

Old Store Sign makes great photo display

I was able to get a whole box of these store signs

See how nice they look when spray painted. This is just one project I thought of to do with them. I had a friend suggest mirrors instead of photos. I think that is a great idea.

Jennifer shares this great quick project

"It is a picture holder using an old doorknob and some wire I had lying around. I just pushed the wire through the knob and then twisted around and stuck a photo in it. I have always enjoyed doing crafty things but since I found your blog I have been trying to be better at using found goods for my crafts. I hope you like them.....jenn g

Romantic Chandie

I made this little Chandie out of an old wire, work lite cage. I painted it white, added a glass knob to the top, crystals and prisms, and pearls to the bottom and some sweet ribbon to finish it off. All you need is some hot glue, spray paint, and some floral wire. And of course a great wire lite cage ;)

You're Just my Type

I love old Valentines, and here is a unique way to display them. I've used an old Typewriter (Family Heirloom) and just stood the valentines up between the keys for display. You could also use this idea to display photographs, cards, etc.

This Key has been Framed

For this project I simply took an old key, and a small wooden frame. to back it I copied (scanned) an old post card. Then I just glued the key to the postcard and then glued the whole thing behind the frame. Very simple project.

In the winter when the hanging baskets are not as attractive try this idea.

I recently found these old scales at the flea market. By hanging them from a hook and then hanging something of interest below them, like a suncatcher or wind chimes, it can fill the empty space, till Spring.

Old Chair Back becomes unique Frame.

For this quick project, I found a unique chair back that had lost it's chair, and it's slats. I decided to hang it on the wall and put this old ceiling tin inside of it. Very quick project

For this project I simply took an old child's chair that was missing it's seat. I attached some boards to the lower rungs, and placed a potted plant inside. I chose to paint the boards to match the chair, but you could leave them natural if you wish. This idea also works great for pet food.

To make this small garden chandies, just take a faucet handle and wire on some prisms. You can add a glass doorknob if you'd like.

My Friend Tina has this great dough bowl filled with crystal doorknobs and old keys. I love how it looks on her coffee table. What an easy project. Thanks Tina for the idea.

Things to do with an old bicycle basket

I found this bicycle basket recently at a garage sale for 25c. I can think of many things to do with it, and I thought I'd share them with you. It would be a great place to store files and stationary at the ready. Or what about gloves and hats by the door. It hangs perfectly on the hooks I have here. What about for mail, inside or out, or magazines in the bathroom. Lots of possibilities with this one.

Turn an old doll crib into a place for files

Table Centerpiece with old Locker Basket

This is a great simple project, that can be modified for the Seasons. For Fall a nice rusty basket does the trick.

Birdcage Still Life

I am so excited about this week's quick project. All you need is a birdcage and a little imagination. There are many things you can do with an old birdcage and below are several variations of one.
Turn an old birdcage into a seasonal display. Simply fill the cage with various items and arrange to your liking. The items can range from sticks and twigs from your yard, to shiney Christmas ornaments. The great thing about this project is that it's easy to change with the seasons.

For this first cage, I simply gathered stuff from around the yard, threw in a few seasonal gourds and I was done.

For this display, I spraypainted the birdcage and added Yard and Garden themed items

This is the same cage you saw above, but now I've added a chandie, and various found objects.

When was the last time you saw a chandie in a birdcage???

Here are several that have been photographed at various Antique booth displays, thanks TC

I love the flexibility of this project, now go find a birdcage and have some fun.

Old Flatware Key chain

For this project, you'll need an old piece of flatware (or new I guess). A pair of strong pliers, or preferably Channel Locks, and a vise. Place the flatware in the vice with the stem up and the spoon/fork side down, secure within the vice. Grab the stem and rock it back and forth until it breaks off. Discard spoon/fork part or save for future projects. Now take the widest part of the utensil and secure it in the vice. With your pliers proceed to bend the thinner part (skinny end) into a loop, as best as you can. This may take some practice. Once the loop is satisfactory, simply add a ring to the end, and you have a new keychain.

I made this coat/hat rack, simply by screwing some hooks into an old piece of bedrail. The bedrail is the side portions of an old bed that attached the headboard to the footboard. In this case it was a beautiful oak, and I don't have the footboard, so the side rails were un-useable.

I took an old sewing drawer, that was not in great condition. Added a wood applique to the front, from the hardware store. Painted the whole thing and now it would make a great display container for the bathroom, or photos, or anywhere in a cottage or shabby home.

Ugly Duckling

We've all seen ugly, antiqued brass and metal things from the 70's & 80's at garage sales etc. Well next, time give those ugly metal things a second look. If they have a releaf pattern on them, imagine what they might look like painted, and then distressed. Each of the items above was, in it's former life, ugly. But with a can of spray paint, and a little sanding, I feel I've given them a second life and a pretty one at that. I hope you can see the beauty of these things if you run across them in future junking adventures.

Turn an old bread box into a great office/desk organizer

With nothing but a can of spray paint you can turn old, unattractive metal bread boxes, into great desk organizers. Simply spray paint them, let them dry and you are done. As you can see by the red one. Spray painting the inside is a good idea too.

Spring mail sorter

I took a large spring and simply nailed it to a piece of scrap wood. It makes a great mail sorter.

You can find more Office Organization T2T projects on my Organization Page

If you need a finial for a lamp and just don't have one, use an old glass knob. I just hot glued this one on to the part where the finial would screw in, and I've got a great cottage look.

from TTRBB- HGTV MB The birdhouses are just leftover pieces of fence post. I have a ton of those old home interiors brass wall hangings with flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds and I just clipped of some of the flowers. I used a flattened bottle cap on one of the "bird" holes and the other is the end from a canned biscuit container. I spray painted them flat black, sprinkled with cinnamon and sealed for the rusted look.

Rosemary used old Corbels for this window topper, plate rail.

Tina wired a bunch of small terra cotta pots to make this wreath.

I called it the Lamp thingy. I was not sure what I was going to do with it, but it had such a great shape and weight I had to get it. I took it all apart, stared at it for awhile, and after a few weeks it finally came to me.

I spray painted it, cut down the pole added a glass knob and It's a paper towel holder. Works great too, because the base is so heavy, I don't pull it over tearing off the towels.

Scrabble tiles are great T2T accessories
Below are just a few projects using old (or new) scrabble tiles.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right
joyluck made this great wall art using old scrabble pieces and a game board. Bec4 shows how to use scrabble tiles in a mosiac. I think this idea would be great as a backsplash in a child's bathroom. Or even as a mosiac around a mirror. The possibilities are endless with this idea.
It's real quick and easy to spell out a word or short phrase with scrabble tiles. Use the stand that comes with the game to display your word. This would make a great desk name plate for Mom or Dad's day. And lastly I've made some earrings using scrabble tiles and some beads. So think outside the box with those old scrabble games and come up with some great home accessories for yourself.

Look for objects you have around your house to make Basket Tie-Ons. Ornaments wooden hearts, jewelry, or an iron star can all be used to dress up baskets for the season or for your mood.

Think outside the box with Picture Frames

Wooden picture frames can be picked up at Garage Sales for a song. There are so many things you can do with picture frames. You don't just have to put a picture inside. Frames are a great way to display, Plates, Found Object, Books, groups of smaller framed photos, Post Cards, Coin Collections, etc. They also look great grouped by themselves with nothing inside. Above are just a few ideas, so keep an eye out for those frames, look for interesting details and shapes, and pick them up when you see them.

Top, Left to Right, Margo's Living room, Tina's Shabby White Display
Middle, AJ's Frame displays in her store. Folk Art originals by AJ
lower section, more of Margo's Frame displays. Frames in the right color can dress up a seasonal display

Take the hymnal holder from an old church pew and use it as a book holder. Mine is in my guest room, Tina uses hers in the bathroom. These also look nice painted for that cottage look. I've seen them used in kids rooms to hold thier story books. Have fun with this one.

Just take a folding ruler and bend it until it makes a star, You might want to hot glue the 2 loose ends together. This is a really simple project. Although it would look great on it's own sitting on a shelf or above a cabinet, It would also be nice added to a wreath with a patriotic theme, or with flowers etc. Thanks Theresa for the inispiration.

Look for old store displays to use in your home. I've used this one to display photos, and momentos. You could even use it for jewelry or ornaments during the Holidays. To hang the photo's I simply attached paperclips and then left the loop slightly above the picture, using it as a hook.