Projects with Old Frames

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A collage of Vintage frames make a creative towel bar, in this bathroom remodel.
You can view a tutorial of this project here

Salvaged Picture Frame Tree

For basic instructions on making this tree, and more inspriational trees go here
Inspired by Lucy Designs

And this one was inspired by a frame mold that I saw in a magazine. I used cut up smaller frames in graduated sizes, mounted on a piece of salvaged wood.

A grouping of old frames painted in vibrant colors, and metal shelves makes up a fun vintage camera display.

I used various frames to make this Wedding Cake Table vignette

At another wedding, floating vases were displayed inside ornate wooden frames thrifted from various garage sales. And More frames were used at the sign in table.

Wooden picture frames can be picked up at Garage Sales for a song. There are so many things you can do with picture frames. You don't just have to put a picture inside. Frames are a great way to display, Plates, Found Object, Books, groups of smaller framed photos, Post Cards, Coin Collections, etc. They also look great grouped by themselves with nothing inside. Here are just a few ideas, so keep an eye out for those frames, look for interesting details and shapes, and pick them up when you see them. And "think outside the box" with picture frames.

Display a collection

In my living room I added found objects inside empty frames to make this display above my couch. This was a very inexpensive way to fill up a large wall space.

Tina of Cherry Hill Cottage uses Frames and old Dishes make a dynamic grouping

Old Spindles hung inside an empty frame make this display

Joyluck, from the HGTV board made this great display cabinet with an old frame.

Here are some more of Joyluck's Frame Projects

Frames grouped with other found object make up this mantle grouping. I've glued old printers type to the one in the front

Frames in the right color can dress up a seasonal display

Dress up a bulletin board with some shabby picture frames
This is actually the bulletin board I use at work. I tidied it up a bit for the picture. I added these frames with hot glue to separate out some different areas where I post things that must be remembered.This is a very simple project.

This is a real easy project. Take a piece of lace, hot glue it to a frame or use an embroidery hoop. Then just slide your jewelry through the holes for storage and display. I liked this project so well, I made 2 and hung them in my bathroom. Works great for earrings and pins. You could also use a larger frame, and attach some hooks to the sides for bracelets and necklaces.

Here are some more ideas

And here's something Fun
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