DIY Craft Projects using Old Vintage Doors

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Some great ideas for Old Doors

Tina's old screen door in her kitchen, as a Menu Board.

Country bug uses this old door for Bathroom privacy. Rosemary Uses her old door as a hall tree

Old Door Potting Bench by Lona Stevens:

Here are the pictures of the potting bench I made cutting an old door in half and decorating it with old shutters and scrap lumber. Lona Stevens Ohio

Screen DoorPotting Bench by Kathy Jawarowski

Kathy Writes: "Your website is like my life. I love making new items out of found objects. I sell at local shop close to where I live. I love to repurpose things. Hope you like the screen door potting bench."

Cindy of "My Romantic Home Blog" shares this Screen Door Project she did in her Cottage Bedroom. You can see more of Cindy's home and projects on her blog here. Thank you Cindy for this great project.

Cottage Display Piece-by Margo

After I had finished the door/desk project I had a big empty hole, I looked around my barn for ideas of something unusual to fill it. I had this old crib spring and it fit right in the space. Makes a great place to display items I have for sale.

Old Window Photo Display by Lani

Fellow Junker Lani, made this great photo display for her Son's graduation party, Lani Writes: "For one of his photo boards I took an old window divider. I copied some of his graduation pictures into black and white, used some old photo corners to add them to the windows, plus added some black letters with encouraging words from Michaels."

Door art by Randy

Randy's wife writes:
Attached is a picture of a french door from my husband's grandfather's farm house that we use as a "curio cabinet" to display pictures and other small treasures. In the picture, the door was decorated for Christmas. We've since changed it out with a Valentine's Day theme. My husband's name is Randy , and we live in McKinney, Texas.

Door shelf by Cassandra:

I always pick up "trash" and my husband asks what r u going to do with that? I had gotten off an old closet door. I kept trying to explain what I wanted to make with it and he kept telling me throw it out. I moved from Ohio to Kansas and made him hall all this 'Junk" when we got out new house I asked him to help me make this shelf. He acted like he hated doing it. Now he loves it and everyone who comes in out house and sees it say "oh I love it make me one". I also have a door I made into a coner shelf as well. We are looking and making a coffee table and hall tree out of door to.

Door to Desk by Donna M.

Love your website and all the NEAT ideas. Makes me want to visit salvage yards!
This is my creation with a door I found. I had the idea in my head, but did not know how to go about getting a door I liked. Luckily I was driving down a vacant road and someone had tossed a door on the side of the road. So I popped open the trunk of my Toyota Corolla and managed to get it in there. Off I went and here is the finished project.

Old Door Storage Cabinet-by Karin Bol

Karin writes:
I wanted to send you a few pics of our husband and I just started this in the past year and had our first craft show 2 weeks ago under the name Encore! Designs... "Home furnishings restyled and renewed for a second performance" (I was a drama major in college, thus the name) It was a lot of fun getting ready for it and actually making money at something we put together. We love old doors, shutters, posts, dressers, etc. and have had fun doing it together. Anyways, you will find a few pics attached that you may use if you like. I was inspired by your site and by (The JunkMarket's) fun books. God bless and thanks again!

Ode to Simplicity From the HGTV board made this great piece


Here's how she did it:
"I picked up this freebie old window screen from a fellow craigslister. I stitched the top burlap pocket on with lightweight hemp (per instructions in a previous issue of Country Home), fused a strip of cotton material on the top of the burlap and hot glued my buttons on each corner of the pocket. I will admit the stitching was not very fun and my finger and thumb are a bit sore still.

I purchased the photo frames from Target on clearance for $1.25/ea. and replaced the glass and backing with corkboard left over from my husband's bachelor days. They're just hotglued in the frames. I attached them to the screen by placing strips of painters tape right on the screen then adhering "velcro" on top of it along with the backs of the frame. They're on pretty snug. And finally the basket is just hung by a leftover little hook from the window treatment of the previous owner of our house."
What a great project!!!!!


Roneee turned an Old door into a great and beautiful hall tree

What a great project Roneee


Debi sent in these 3 door projects she has in her home

Debi Writes " My desk is the livingroom desk reworked with same table but old door from my brothers old house, with mirror where window used to be, to sets of shelf brackets. I also added some tin boxes to hold pens and pencils, and a box below mirror to hold papers waiting to be put into action.
Bedside table is half table with window and shelf with old porch balisters.
An old Screen door glass insert make into earring holders with screen placed in and over panes for glass, with hooks placed below for necklaces and hats. With a display shelf over it."


Clydene Made this old door into a headboard. She tells the story of this door.

"It is the headboard that is really special ( to me at least) One day while driving past the house my Father grew up in and is no longer in the family I noticed the old door from the basement outside the house being used as a barricade against the rain to keep the water from getting into a basement window . I went back the next day and knocked on the door thinking the new owner would think I was an idiot and asked her if I replaced her make shift rain gutter with something else if she would let me have the door and she did. My husband and I had to cut off one of the panels of the door to fit the bed frame and after peeling paint off the hardware I had to do something with it so I attached it also


Mary Ann turned these doors into a garden trellis


Karenforroses has an old screen door for her grandkids to walk through from their home to hers.


Clydene uses an old screen door as a porch display, and Kirkus uses a screen door as a trellis, Jennifer uses this door for privacy in the shower.


Mary in Wisconsin made this old door into a table. She used old sewing machine bases as the base for her table.


Treesa S. made this great coffee table from an old door