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They say a collection is any group of 3 or more of the same type of item. If that's the case, I've got a lot of collections. Some collections are spread throughout my home, when displayed this way, it is hard for anyone to tell you have a collection. For the most impact, Collections should be displayed together. Here are a few ideas for collection display. Some of these are mine, and some are from my decorating friends. I hope you enjoy. If you have a collection display you'd like me to post, just send me a picture.

A grouping of old frames painted in vibrant colors, and metal shelves makes up a fun vintage camera display.

Nancy Jo shows her collection of Kansas flour sacks -- "only Kansas (ie no Nebraska, Missouri, etc) and only flour (no feed sacks, cornmeal, etc.)"

Think outside the box with Picture Frames

Wooden picture frames can be picked up at Garage Sales for a song. There are so many things you can do with picture frames. You don't just have to put a picture inside. Frames are a great way to display, Plates, Found Object, Books, groups of smaller framed photos, Post Cards, Coin Collections, etc. They also look great grouped by themselves with nothing inside. Above are just a few ideas, so keep an eye out for those frames, look for interesting details and shapes, and pick them up when you see them.

Top, Left to Right, Margo's Living room, Tina's Shabby White Display
Middle, AJ's Frame displays in her store. Folk Art originals by AJ
lower secetion, more of Margo's Frame displays. Frames in the right color can dress up a seasonal display

Kim's and Margo's Vintage Luggage Displays See more Luggage ideas here

Added 6/1/07

Here is a display of old Hand Mirrors

Here is collection of old vent covers and other iron pieces.

Lamp Shade Jewelry Display

Here's a quick and simple project. Take an old lamp shade, remove the fabric and liner, leaving just enough fabric to give it that tattered feel. Then use the frame as a jewelry holder. You could even put the frame on an old unused lamp (disconnect from electricity) to lift the shade up and have even more jewelry storage capacity. You could hang necklaces from both rings at different heights. Or use one for earrings, and one for necklaces etc.


My Son's collection of vintage cameras and photography equipment, are displayed alongside Photographs take by him

Allen does wedding photography (and other types), view his work here.


I found this collection of vintage cameras mentioned in a blog. This is a great display.


This is a collection of old family photos displayed with vintage cameras


camera photo stand

debapaka made this old camera into a photo display

Old Clock Faces grouped together

Added 5/8/07

"JonesGirlinMo" From the HGTV board tells the story of this unique pot rack.
"My kitchen is done in red, white & blue - and I collect apples. Was I ever excited when I found an old apple-picker's ladder - painted blue. Of course the paint is peeling, showing it's age, but it makes a perfect pot rack in my kitchen. I used some "s" hooks and some butcher's meat hooks (they swivel) to hang my pots and pans."

Patty Louise's Collections

In putting this page together, I realized that one of the most important things for a good collection display is a cabinet or hutch. Maybe this is because, as Women, we collect a lot of dishes and kitchen items. The Hutch just seems like the logical place to display these pieces. Notice how Hutches, Cabinets, and Shelves are used in the displays below.

Rosemary displays her collection of flower frogs on a shelf made from an old window

PrimPainters's Collections of Bowls, Bottles and Crocks

shweetpotato's "Kitchen Clutter"

What a great way to display a collection of Kitchen Items.


Using a Hutch is the most common way to display dishes, however there are others.

Melk displays her Frankoma above her Kitchen Cabinets

Miniature Hutches display Miniture dishes

On the Left you see a collection of Mini Pewter Tankards displayed on a shelf, and on the right is a collection of Colored Glass Bottles displayed on a shelf in front of a window. This allows the light to shine through the beautiful glass.


This collection of Picnic Baskets, is not only a collection display but great storage too.

Above your cabinets is a great place to display items you don't need that often.
Here is a collection of Baskets, there is also a small collection of Finials up there.

Baskets are a great way to display collections of smaller items

Vintage Sewing items

A Printer's type tray is a great tool for displaying collections of smaller items.

Here is a collection of Waffle Rosettes

Anything can be a collection, It's all in the display and presentation, A bunch of clay pots as an winter season display on an otherwise barren porch

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