DIY Craft Projects Benches from Old Beds

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Comment from Kathy:

"I love what you have done with that old bed. You turned it into a bench, how cool is that? Something you rested on, is still something you rest on! Thanks, Kathy"

Tasymo (Kathy) made this beautiful blue bench. Take a look at the tops of the bed posts, she has done a mosiac on them. It's absolutely beautiful

She writes

That bench was made from an old queen sized waterbed frame. It's VERY heavy and I couldn't have mangaged it without the help of my Husband. He did all the heavy work while I supervised! Kathy

Bed Bench by Kelly in San Francisco

I am emailing because your site inspired me, as did numerous posts on the garden web, to create this bed over the last two days of my spring break. I've been carting that darned canopy bed around for years, and have even tried to sell it. When I researched your site, I found numerous examples of bed/benches, but only one made from a metal bed. This was a challenging project, but a heck of a lot of fun. It'll be totally finished tomorrow and ready for some nice pillows to provide a place for the kitty to nap in the sun. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Re-Purposed Bench, As seen at Canton First Monday Flea Market

The Bench looks as if it's been made from old windows and shutters, or cabinet doors. Look at the ones in the background too.

KyLady from the HGTV board submits this great bench project

She Writes: "we shortened the front piece on the middle chair and attached it to the corner of each of the outside chairs. If you do not shorten the front piece of the middle chair the bench would not have a straight front and back, it would curve since the fronts of chairs are wider than the backs. The only legs removed are the front ones on the middle chair, the other legs are the original chair legs. All you actually use on the middle chair is the entire back and the front piece."

Toni D sends these in

My First Bed Bench-The process

This is not a project for a beginner. It has to support weight and not break apart. Therefore, I recommend screws not nails, and careful construction.

First we added a ledger to the back piece.

Then we made a frame out of 2x4's, We used screws for added strength.

Construction is finished. As you can see, we added the arms and the seat. Once I had a little help it wasn't so hard. Part of the problem is that my barn floor is not level, and I needed someone to hold parts of it for me while I worked on other parts. DH is better with a drill anyway. I do appreciate his help with this project.

I've started painting it, Note to self: "don't build another bench using a genny lind crib, too many spindles."

Here's my second bench. The back is an old headboard and the rest of the wood is 2x4's from my scrap pile. I decided to try my hand at a stencil and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

For this bench, first I made a frame and seat out of 2x4's and other scrap wood. Then I attached the headboard to the back. After that I added the arms and and 1/2 cut spindles for decoration. Use screws for strength, I recommend 3" screws. After it was painted I decided the headboard was too plain and I added the stencil.

More Beautiful Bench Submissions from readers

Hi, Steve Kesler here, from Sabetha. I make decorative benches from old metal bedframes. I make both single and double sizes, most with barn-board type seats, but where I can, I use the nicer original wooden slats, which look fantastic. Some of the seats are just flat, but some I have made hinged, with some storage underneath. As for the finish, I have mostly been leaving them in whatever condition I find the frame parts in, some rustic, some with various paint finishes. Whatever the case, I can spray a matte-type clear coat on so that nothing can rub off onto clothing, etc. Also, I plan to do some with actual paint finish kits with Rustoleum paint. Kind regards, Steve Kesler Sabetha, KS

Kudzukween made this one

luvs2click from Garden Web made this one

Becky made these 3. The 2 child sized benches are made frompicket fences

The Raggedy Princess submits these 2 benches.

This Bench was constructed by Faithinhim.

Joyluck submits these projects

She made these 2

These are her inspiration. The first pic on the left has a link attached to it for the maker of this bench.

These 3 ideas come from Salvaged Treasure, click the picture to go to their web site.

This one comes from Deer Creek Junk, click the picture to go to their web site.

AJ Made this one, click the picture to go to their web site.

This one was made by Veronica

This one was made by Shirlm

And this one by Patsy18, and was made from an old dresser


I'd like to say a quick word about safety. Please use common sense when doing any of these projects. Use Caution with saws and power tools. Remember to wear gloves and eye protection. We want you to enjoy years of junking and crafting, so please play it safe.